Collaboration Has  Never Been So Easy
Simple and clear way of drawing communication will help to arrange the work in an orderly way, so that your team can focus more on meaningful jobs

Mark it up, and discuss

Except for revision cloud, arrow and some other functions for reviewing and annotating, you can also mark the location on the drawing and discuss with multiple users. Making communication clearer and progress faster.

Assign tasks, remind later

One task, one leader, one deadline. CAD Pockets helps you to supervise the person in charge to complete the task in time. The work arrangement is just that easy.

Update files, in both sides

You can update files on CAD Pockets rapidly with version records on both App and Web, thanks to the Cloud space that comes along with it.

Manage users, in groups

Collaboration edition comes with multiple seats according to your choice, and you can distribute them to each employee. Grouping is also supported to make it easy to manage.
Smooth and Safe
  • Perfectly compatible

    CAD Pockets supports both Android and iOS systems, and takes full advantage of current mobile devices, with optimized performance for complex drawings.
  • Amazingly accurate

    Every text, every line, every block, CAD Pockets displays all kinds of drawings with most accuracy. With the built-in font library, every letter reads correctly.
  • Solidly secure

    Safety precautions like HTTPS encryption is adopted, and we strictly obey GDPR to make sure your documents and user information are safe.

Customization for Corporates

  • Customize functions
    According to corporate workflow and the demand for functions of mobile CAD, we support to add or remove functions on current CAD Pocket, to help corporations improve efficiency.
  • Customize add-ons
    CAD Pockets can integrate with your own system in the company, so that you can keep working on your current environment. It can also be built on your private cloud to be even safer

Choice of Efficient Teams

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