It’s Going to Blow You Away: 3 Ways to Get CAD Pockets “Fremium”

author: cadpockets time: 2014-12-12 13:14:00

Recently we’ve received a feedback from some user: “There should be apologies from the team at CAD Pockets. With this app, I have to create, review, and share my drawings anywhere, and at anytime! No excuse to aviod working now! What’s worse? It’s free, even its premium version! Don’t let your boss in on it.” Just for fun, it’s a joke but here today we still want to give the “apology”, by presenting the following three tips to help you gain your Freemium! Oops, now you really have  to CAD anywhere, anytime. NO EXCUSE, get your work done!

  • Register: Register and receive a free month of CAD Pockets Premium. You can directly register in the app or simply click here.


  • Sign in: Earn a free month by simply using CAD Pockets Premium frequently. Sign in 10 times per month and gain unlimited usage.


  • Invite: Users who successfully registered can invite friends to register to get extra premium months. For every friend you successfully refer and register, you will receive one additional month of CAD Pockets Premium. You can at most gain 5 months by referring 5 friends. You friend will also gain one extra month for being invited.


Happy CADing!