See How CAD Pockets’ PM Makes His Valentine’s Day

author: cadpockets time: 2015-02-13 09:55:00



At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet. At the Touch of ZWCAD on this great Valentine’s Day, you are not just a poet but a maker!

As a CAD designer, I’d like to  bring to my beloved girl   the special romance that only a  CAD designer can bring. Follow my steps and guess what I’m going to make to my love.

Step 1

Open the application, tap the “local drawings”, the first icon on the menu bar below is the create new icon. Or if you have established a connection with cloud services, then, tap “Cloud Drawings” ,  and below will appear  the same create new icon. Not only that you can create a new local drawing directly and but also synchronize it to the cloud service. Isn’t it exciting?


The drawing created on CAD Pockets is fully compatible with the drawing created on a computer and the default format is the latest DWG2010. The created new drawing has multiple choices of mapping units, which is the same if you do it on a computer.



Step 2

Drag the menu bar and find the color tool and choose red. Select the pen in the “annotation tools”.



Step 3

Outline roses on the screen with fingers. When it is done, repeat step 2 and change the color to green to draw leafs.


Step 4

Select the “text” feature and type in the bounced Text Editor. Likewise, you can set the color as your own preference, the method is to first click on the selected text, and then tap the “Color Tools” menu bar below and choose the color. And I type in my favorite love sentence: Your love is like an ocean; It goes down so deep; Your love is like a rose; Whose beauty I want to keep. Like I said, at the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet. Let me see your version of love poem, will you?


Step 5

After creating the new drawing with CAD Pockets, you can share it with your friends by uploading to the Airdrop or cloud services or exporting JPEG/DWF/PDF.

Happy Valentine’s Day!