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Forum » Some features missing?
Some features missing?
User: Sudhanvak
Posted on: 2015-09-16 11:54:46

Is it possible to Trim objects in CAD Pockets?

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Reply: Reply:Some features missing?
Sorry for posing a question right away. First of all congratulations to people from Zwcad for coming up with a brilliant touch app for CAD. I am a user of ZwCAD (PC) for past several years. There are a few questions like the one posted before- "trim objects". I was also unable to understand some icons for editing etc. Also one has to explore how to edit an object. Is there a help file somewhere? Searched for it on the net but couldn't find one.
Sudhanvak / 2015-09-16
Reply: Reply:Some features missing?
no trim at the time being, thanks for your support!
CADPockets / 2015-10-09
Reply: Reply:Some features missing?
como cambio las unidades par poder trabajar en sistema métrico
miguel centellas / 2016-01-06
Reply: Reply:Some features missing?
as changing work units to metric????
miguel centellas / 2016-01-06
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